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CMP Shooting News
CMP’S 2022 JUNIOR THREE-POSITION AIR RIFLE POSTAL NOW OPENRegistration is now open for the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Three-Position Air Rifle Postal Championship. The annual, national-level competition is designed for junior athletes involved in 4-H, Scouts, American Legion, Club or JROTC sporter and precision air rifle programs. READ MORE DAMP RANGES, RECORD SCORES MARK 2022 NEW ENGLAND CMP GAMES AND HP MATCHESThe Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) New England HP & Games Matches, held Sept. 18-25, 2022, at the Camp Ethan Allen National Guard Training Site in Vermont, can be described in one word: wet. Though suffering one of the toughest weather weeks in the event’s history through cold temps and steady rainfall, competitors still managed to give outstanding performances on the firing line that included exciting rivalries and record scores. READ MORE CMP HOSTS GSMM RIFLE, AIR GUN MATCHES IN OHIO AND ALABAMA IN SEPTEMBERThe Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) stayed busy on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022, as it hosted three special events between its facilities at Camp Perry, Ohio, and Anniston, Ala. The first was a Garand, Springfield, Vintage and Modern Military (GSMM) rifle match on Camp Perry’s outdoor electronic target line at Petrarca Range. The event was open to adults and juniors – reaching nearly 50 entries throughout the day. READ MORE CMP ASSISTS WITH OTTAWA COUNTY CAREER SHOWCASEOn Friday, Oct. 7, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) hosted the Ottawa County Career Showcase – an event that uncovers professional opportunities throughout Ottawa County for freshman high school students planning their future careers. Marking its eighth year at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry, the Ottawa County Career Showcase welcomed all six school districts within Ottawa County. Overall, 500 freshman roamed the facility throughout the day, interacting with the interesting and informative business displays. READ MORE UPCOMING EVENTSCMP Aces Air Gun PostalJROTC Air Rifle PostalThrough November 14CMP Air Rifle PostalThrough February 1, 2023Talladega Rimfire MatchOctober 29Dixie Doubles Air Gun MatchesNovember 3-5Talladega 600 MatchesNovember 14-20Talladega Rimfire Sporter MatchNovember 19Monthly Air Gun MatchesNovember 19Talladega 800 Agg Rifle MatchNovember 26Gary Anderson Air Rifle MatchDecember 2-3Talladega 3×600 Rifle MatchDecember 17 LISTEN TO CMP PODCASTS The JROTC Postal Competition is one of the most participated shooting competitions in the United States. Each year, thousands of JROTC Cadets, representing Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force JROTCs compete in the Postal Competition. LEARN MORE TALLADEGA 600“A Southern Classic”The 8th Annual Talladega 600 will begin Monday, 14 November 2022, and conclude Sunday 20 November 2022, at the CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park. The event schedule has been designed to appeal to rifle and pistol enthusiasts alike in order to provide an even wider variety of marksmanship opportunities to competitors from around the country. Each firing point of the 500-acre facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art, KTS electronic target and scoring monitor. Located beside the shooter, on the firing line, each monitor allows the competitor to see their shot value in a matter of seconds. Join us for the Talladega 600! LEARN MORE Who’s in for a little conversation? CMP Podcasts are a modern approach to broadcasting marksmanship culture and opportunities. Podcast episodes cover a variety of topics, including in-depth looks into CMP departments and upcoming competitions, along with insight directly from the voices of professionals within the marksmanship industry. CMP PODCASTS
All in the band family – Shannon Hand and her family were recently featured in our local newspaper. Shannon is the CMP North Competitions Manager/HR Specialist and Emma and Connor worked this past summer as part of the CMP’s National Match Range crew. Click here to read the complete article.Level I Coach Education Program. Those interested in coaching Smallbore or Air Rifle should mark their calendars for Saturday, Oct. 29 and Sunday, Oct. 30, as Maureen Trickett of the National Rifle Association Coach Development Staff conducts a Level I Coach Education Program at the Reading Rifle and Revolver Club in Massachusetts. This course will hold both classroom and range portions, focused on positioning and other marksmanship/leader essentials. Register through Please feel free to contact Maureen Trickett at or 978-257-0406 after 2pm should you have any questions.Marty Brown Memorial Invitational – The Marty Brown Memorial Invitational™ rifle match honors Marty Brown, an instructor with Revere’s Riders who lost a 40-month battle with ovarian cancer in 2017. A portion of match proceeds will be donated to Ovar’coming Together to assist in their programs to support women diagnosed with ovarian cancer as well as funding ovarian cancer research. You can read more about Marty as well as Ovar’coming Together on the Marty Brown Memorial™ page of our website. Click here to read more.Review: At The Front Reproduction M1907 Leather Slings – When it comes to the classic era of wood-and-steel U.S. military centerfire service rifles of the first half of the 20th century, whether it be the M1903 Springfield or the M1 Garand, there is one facet that was common among both, other than the cartridge they used: the sling. During both World War I and World War II, the standard sling largely issued to U.S. troops was the Model 1907 leather sling, before being eventually supplanted by webbing and fabric options. Despite such replacement options being developed during World War I and the inter-war period, and later fielded en masse by the end of World War II, the M1907 saw extensive use throughout World War II and beyond. Click here to read the complete article.Skeet closes out World Championships with four more titles – USA Shooting’s skeet athletes close out the 2022 Shotgun World Championships in Osijek, Croatia, with four more titles. Vincent Hancock, a three-time Olympic gold medalist and four-time World Champion, brought home a silver medal in Men’s Individual Skeet, missing only one target in the final to be bested by Azmy Mehelba of Egypt.  Hancock’s performance earned the USA an Olympic Quota for Paris 2024. Click here to read the complete article.Sig Sauer Freedom Days to feature world-class shooting champions in Epping – Firearms manufacturer Sig Sauer is set to welcome over 1,000 guests from 39 states and three Canadian provinces this weekend to its new Experience Center. Converging on the 140-acre campus, guests will learn best practices in safety and marksmanship from world-class competitors and gold medalists Max Michel, Lena Miculek and Daniel Horner, as well as Jerry Miculek, a five-time world-record speed shooter. Click here to read the complete article.Two Allied Workhorses: Enfield No. 4 MK 1 VS. M1 Garand Rifle – The M1 Garand became an American legend as the go-to rifle for G.I.s in World War II, but many Garand fans might be surprised by the performance of the simpler, cheaper, higher-capacity, British bolt-action Enfield No. 4 Mk 1 that fought beside it. To be honest, calling this a versus piece is both entertaining but also somewhat misleading. These two classic military rifles served important roles in World War II for the allies, but they have very different origin stories. Heck, they don’t even share similar operating systems or calibers. Click here to read the complete article.VNG teams take second, third at regional marksmanship competition – Virginia National Guard Soldiers and Airman assigned to units across the Commonwealth made a strong showing at the Marksmanship Advisory Council Region II match, with VNG teams taking second and third place overall at the competition Aug. 26 – 28, 2022, at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. Click here to read the complete article.Shoot With Olympic Shotgunners At 2022 Sporting Clays Cup – The 2022 USA Shooting Sporting Clays Cup will be held at the American Shooting Centers in Houston, Texas, on November 17-19. At the event, participants will have a chance to meet and shoot with Olympic athletes. Hosted by American Shooting Centers, this biennial tournament began in 2014 and has raised more than $650,000 for USA Shooting. With the 2022 World Championships just around the corner, this is the must-attend sporting clays fundraiser of the season. Click here to read the complete article.Shoot Your Shot – Early on, Lance Cpl. Matthew Munger was introduced to shooting when he joined the Maspenock Rod and Gun Club during his freshman year in high school. From then on, shooting firearms became a regular part of his life. Munger’s father, who was a Primary Marksmanship Instructor (PMI), was one of many Marines in his lineage, but one that taught him the most about marksmanship. Click here to read the complete article.SEAL Team commander, son of Blues player is M1 recipient – The son of a former St. Louis Blues hockey player, and commander of a Navy SEALS unit in Iraq, was the Aug. 21 recipient of an M1 Garand rifle presented by the Owensville Gun Club’s M1 for Vets Project. Commander Robert A. Gassoff, Jr., of St. Louis, was the recipient of the 168th rifle presented by the Missouri M1 for Vets Project. The Owensville Gun Club and VFW Post No. 6133 have been sponsors of the project and have provided financial support for chaperoned trips where recipients of rifles have had the chance to participate in national shooting matches staged by the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Click here to read the complete article.
Affiliate your club with the CMP We look forward to working with you to assist your club in reaching its goals and in reaching the mission and vision of the CMP – to promote marksmanship training and firearms safety for all qualified U.S. citizens with a special emphasis on youth.  VIEW CLUB AFFILIATION INFORMATION
CMP Affiliates New Clubs. The CMP would like to welcome the newly affiliated clubs listed below. If you would like more information on affiliating with the CMP, please visit Creek High School JROTC, Queen Creek, AZBakersfield High School AFJROTC, Bakersfield, CASan Diego Sheriff’s Department, Pine Valley, CAwww.sdsheriff.govMiller Grove High School JROTC, Lithonia, GA            Kuna High School AFJROTC, Kuna, IDSaorsa Acres, Bogalusa, LAsaorsaacres.comAssabet Valley MCJROTC, Marlborough, MA Bay Junior Air Rifle Team, Alpena, MI            Pipestone County 4-H Shooting Sports Club, Pipestone, MN            Franklin County 4-H Sharp Shooters Sports Club, Franklinton, NC            Eddy County Rod & Gun Club, New Rockford, ND            Cypress Lakes High School AFJROTC, Katy, TX            Shooting Starr 4-H, Rio Grande City, TX            Boy Scouts of America Inland Northwest Council, Spokane, WAwww.nwscouts.orgIron Ridge Trap Club, Iron Ridge, WI  
Have an article to share or want to highlight your CMP Affiliated Club?  Send us your photos, reports and articles to highlight in The First Shot – email We look forward to hearing from you.
Since marksmanship education and training is a key component of the CMP’s mission, there are many opportunities for experienced shooters and instructors to receive advanced training in marksmanship so it may be passed on to beginners and aspiring competitors. Check out the upcoming affiliated club clinics.
CMP Garand-Springfield-Modern/Vintage Military Master Instructor Training Workshops. Experienced rifle marksmanship instructors and shooters who would like to receive advanced training and be certified as “Master Instructors” to teach CMP-Sanctioned Garand, Springfield and Modern/Vintage Military Rifle or Rimfire Sporter Clinics are invited to apply to attend a CMP Master Instructor Training Workshop.
Talladega Marksmanship Classes. The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Talladega Marksmanship Park invites you to participate in its weekly firearms safe handling and basic fundamentals classes. New and experienced shooters are welcome. These classes are taught by CMP certified instructors and will include both classroom training and live firing on the Talladega ranges. Materials will cover safety and firearms handling and hands on practical application.
The CMP will be holding several Rifle/Pistol Marksmanship 101 classes and the National Match Small Arms Firing Schools. The classes, consisting of classroom instruction, range training, practice and firing an EIC match, fired on Kongsberg Electronic targets. The classes are structured toward teaching new shooters (both adults and youth alike), so no past firearm experience is required, though intermediate and advanced marksmen are also welcome to participate.  RIFLE/PISTOL MARKSMANSHIP 101 INFORMATION The CMP Range Officer Training Course is a program developed by the Civilian Marksmanship Program to provide training and structured on-the-range work experiences to prepare interested persons to serve as qualified Range Officers in CMP sponsored and sanctioned competitions. There is a course fee of $75.00 for the Level I CMP Range Officer Training course. Applications for the CMP Range Officer Training Course are now available.  RANGE OFFICER TRAINING INFORMATION
CMP Rifle Sales Get your CMP M1 Garand! We are currently accepting orders for Rack Grades $700, Rack Plus $850 and Expert Grades $1150. Available for mail order only. Visit our website for descriptions and purchasing regulations. 
CMP 1911 Sales Program: Round 3 Announcement – The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has announced it will begin accepting orders to purchase CMP 1911 Type Pistols. In 2018, the National Defense Authorization Act granted the first transfer of 1911s to the CMP for sale and distribution. Arguably one of the most iconic handguns ever produced, the M1911 served as the standard issue handgun for the U.S. Armed Forces from 1911 to 1985. The single-action, semi-automatic pistol uses .45 ACP rounds and is comprised of a comfortable, basic design. View the details, guidelines for purchasing, order forms and pricing on the CMP website at All 1911 requests must be made through the mail – no 1911s will be available in CMP stores, and no in-store or drop-off orders will be accepted.
Available on the CMP E-store! Armscor .22 LR High Velocity ammo. 5,000 rounds for $405 (includes shipping). Order today at
CMP Store Update: The CMP South Store in Anniston, Alabama will be closed to allow our staff time to catch up on mail orders. At this time, we do not know our reopening date, but will post one week prior to reopening. Please visit our other CMP stores (with limited inventory) at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama and the CMP North Store in Port Clinton, Ohio. Visit the CMP Store web page for hours and additional information.
CMP State Directors. The mission of the State Directors is to provide leadership, resource and program information, coordination, networking, motivation and publicity for junior shooting within his or her state. The CMP is currently taking applications for the following states: Delaware, Maine, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont and Washington. For more information on requirements on applying for a State Director position, visit or contact Sylvia at (419) 635-2141, ext. 726 or email
CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park. The CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park is the “THE HOME OF MARKSMANSHIP” (no membership required) where responsible firearm ownership, safety instruction, and accuracy training reside inside a beautiful 500 acre range facility. The CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park has something for all types of firearms and firearm owners. The Park prides itself on its friendly – accommodating staff and the time savings of electronic targets.  
The CMP’s home range is open to the public and allows the visitor to focus on marksmanship instead of spending time hanging paper targets down range. Don’t be a Stranger, Come see us at the CMP Range, “The Home of Marksmanship”! CMP Talladega Marksmanship Hours:Monday and Tuesday: ClosedWednesday and Thursday: 11:00am-5:00pmFriday, Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pmOCTOBER EVENTSNOVEMBER EVENTSFULL CALENDARFor more information, visit
The CMP “Aces” Postal satellite match offers all junior and adult air rifle and air pistol shooters a program designed to encourage participation in the sport and test marksmanship skills nationally with their peers. The program consists of Air Rifle, Air Pistol, and Para-Air Rifle/Air Pistol events. Click Here for more details.
CMP Air Gun Competition Centers We’re open to the public!The CMP is happy to invite the public back to our North and South Competition Centers for air rifle and air pistol fun, with new protective practices in place for staff and guests. CMP Gift CertificatesNot sure what to get that special someone? The CMP Gift Certificates may be used towards any purchase within the CMP.  Target Shooting With Vintage Military RiflesThe 284-page, soft-bound, fully-illustrated first edition is likely the most comprehensive manuscript ever written about the methods of training and competing with popular American and foreign vintage military rifles. Do you love to shop on Amazon? Check out the Amazon Smile program! Simply go to and designate the CIVILIAN MARKSMANSHIP PROGRAM, then shop away! The CMP will receive a donation for your qualifying purchases.